Hishiyama Laboratory, Research on Intelligent Information System

Japanese-based Undergraduate Program:
Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering
Graduate School / School of Creative Science and Engineering (CSE),
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University

English-based Undergraduate Program: Major in Mechanical Engineering

早稲田大学理工学術院 創造理工学研究科経営システム工学専攻/創造理工学部経営システム工学科
菱山研究室(研究指導名:知識情報処理研究) のホームページです.


  • 6, Sep. – 8, Sep. 2021  Reiko Hishiyama will be invited to serve as a session #E chair on 2021 Educational Innovation Conference (私情協 教育イノベーション大会) organized by Japan Universities Association for Computer Education(JUCE, 公益社団法人 私立大学情報教育協会).
  • 31, Aug. – 3, Sep. 2021  Reiko Hishiyama will be invited to serve as one of three technical program co-chairs for the 27th International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Social Computing (CollabTech 2021/online).
  • 25, Aug. 2021  Forum on Information Technology 2021(FIT2021, 第20回情報科学技術フォーラム/online)
    Mr.Shenglei LI(D1) and Mr.Hosoya(M1) made oral presentations in the Forum on Information Technology 2021(FIT2021)